• Architecture

    The Chief Architect did his best to take into
    consideration all the typical weak points of elite
    real estate. For this reason we have a spacious yard,
    light and high entrance halls, enough parking lots
    and big common storage rooms.

  • Penthouse terrace

    You can enter the terrance through double-heigh windows from the living
    room, the exit to the terrace represents a french window in a brick body
    of the inside perimeter. On the south-east facade all the terraces have an
    open front, where the solid brick surface is dissected by a few poles panel -
    the significant element of the whole Residential Complex. That open front
    allows to see a panoramic picture of the city.

    Genuine wood flooring of warm colour tone accents cosiness of the open
    space. What is more, the terrace is a great place for extra privacy and
    family celebrations.

    Each penthouse has a spacious open terrace with a possibility to set up
    an awning.

  • Parking

    The Residential Complex has a two-level underground parking
    for 240 parking lots. Our underground parking also has a car wash.

    Parking has a direct exit to the apartments. For residents’
    convenience the lower parking level has special storerooms
    from 6 to 10 square meters each.

  • Transparent zone

    Elegantly-austere and high tower A is dissected by a transparent zone
    on the 10th level. That architectural treatment emphasizes the rotation
    of the overlying floors’ plane relative to the lower half of the building.

    Panoramic windows provide freedom in the apartment planning
    for future owners.

  • Harmony

    The territory of the Residential Complex has a form of a complex
    triangle. The Residential Complex is skillfully inscribed in the existing
    neighborhood, and due to selected material both towers become a
    spectacular leitmotiv and a tribute to the existing historical buildings
    in the neighborhood.

  • Fencing

    From the Southeast the territory is enclosed with a construction
    from white matted lamella and transparent fenestration.

    It reveals an enclosed space and allows to watch the beautification
    of the courtyard, at the same time that attractive architectural idea
    presents the creative entrance to the Residential Complex.

  • Lounge zone

    Southeast corner of the courtyard has a lounge zone - a terrace
    raised by 3.3 meters over ground. The terrace is partly canopied
    by an owning which rests on brick piers.

    This space is dedicated to relaxing and personal interaction.

  • Facade

    The facade design is constructed from the alternation
    of high narrow windows and dented cells. Every two
    floors are united by vertical carrying piers - that provides
    slenderness and elongation to buildings.

    Such architectural treatment organizes the vertical rhythm
    of the facade and emphasizes the aspiration up.

  • Texture

    Complex texture of terracotta bricks creates
    expressiveness and attractiveness of the modern
    image of the Residential Complex.

    There is a sense of historical continuity and
    organic appearance of a new object in the
    existing environment.

  • Green yards
    on the roof

    The 9th and the 16th levels have landscaped inner
    ‘courts’ and two-level penthouses with the possibility
    of building fireplaces and access to individual
    outdoor terraces.

  • Sports and playgrounds

    The courtyard has not only a lounge zone, but also sports aтв playgrounds
    which create additional comfort for the residents.

    The courtyard is landscaped and has specially constructed concrete bowls
    for planting large trees.

  • Composition

    The composition of the Residential Complex deals with its two volumes
    as a stable couple. The first tower is tall and pushed forward. It is an
    undisputed dynamic land emotional leader. Its shape almost attacks and
    reacts to the surrounding area. The second tower is lower and much
    restrained. Collisions penetrate into it, but unlike the first one, they
    deform its structure, provoking for an activity.

    A wide range of associations and images arise. One way or another,
    it is a strong and positive image.

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