• Reception

    Our pride. We managed to find not only nice and pretty,
    but also smart ladies who can politely and substantively
    answer Your questions.

  • Security

    High professionalism is an inherent feature of our security
    service. We do not have guardsmen, here we have
    monitoring and protection service.

  • Kindergarten

    Our major priorities are Your comfort and well-being. That is why we have
    our own kindergarten for Your children. Professional teachers and a unique
    teaching techniques for school preparation. Foreign languages and playground.
    Your children will be surrounded with attention and care.

  • Storerooms

    We know where you are going to keep your bikes
    and snow tyres. For Your comfort we created
    storerooms on Levels -1 and -2.

  • Trash pickup

    We would like to keep our Complex clean. That is why we do not have a garbage chute. Every day,
    morning and evening, the garbage will be taken from specially equipped rooms. No smell on the floors
    and in the apartments.

  • Car wash and
    car service

    One call to the concierge service and 20 minutes later
    Your car is clean and polished. If You wish, Your car
    will be parked outside or inside in the parking lot.

  • Snow melting rooms

    Our project uses dozens of solutions that are able to make Your life
    comfortable. Thus You will not overpay for the convenience. On the
    contrary, these solutions allow You to save Your money, including
    operational costs. One of such solutions - snow melting rooms.
    No more trucks and snow mountains. Enjoy the comfort!

  • Parking

    No pin codes or archaic keys - the system itself recognizes
    the car number and opens the gates. Spacious underground
    parking has enough parking places: two parking lots per
    family plus guest parking. An elevator will bring You from
    the parking right up to Your floor.

  • Spa

    Dear ladies, welcome to Paradise. Believe us, you may find such
    a service only in Dubai.

  • Cafe

    Each of us has a favourite cafe. There they know You.
    They know what You prefer for breakfast and what
    You would like to eat for dinner. There the staff is
    attentive and friendly. Most important, it cooks tasty
    food. Now You have Your favourite cafe where You
    live. By the way, You can just call and few minutes
    later Your food will be right in Your apartment.

  • Concierge Service

    Now You have a 24-hour helper: he will book a table in
    a restaurant, call a taxi, buy tickets to the theatre, organize
    your vacation, call a service, take care of groceries - he would
    do anything to make You feel comfortable.

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