• Sergey Evdokimov

    CEO of the Investment and
    Development Company ‘EGO’

    «Be as critical to my company
    as you can be»

    I will not break a secret if I say that many people try to maximize profits by all means. That is why nice facades often hide cheap foam concrete blocks. For this reason I would like You to be highly critical to my company and to this projects.
    I would like You to ask hundreds of different questions starting from which cement we used and ending with what kind of handles are on doors. You are welcome to ask!
    Discover! Put Your questions!
    You and Only You — are the most important for us!

  • Sergey Skuratov

    The author of the architectural project

    «It is precious little bold, expressive, appropriate and modern architecture in Moscow».

    Each creator dreams of an ideal project. A project, which would pull likeminded people together. A project, which investors would trust and not telling«how to do it right». A project with high-level professionals working on it. A project, where the quality is the first to appreciate. A project, in which the result is the most important factor!

    Many people only dream about it.
    I am the lucky one — I headed this project!

  • Alex Ray

    Creative director of the project

    «Get rid of excess.
    Keep only important - feelings!
    That is the genuine target of the design».

    First of all, it is important to understand that design is not a foofaraw. It is not «Look, how beautiful!» or «Look, how unusual». Design is a script of life. A script of Your life, where everything is subordinated only to You.

    You are the center of this Universe, everything revolves around You.

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