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«EGOEURO GROUP» company and Architectural
Studio «Sergey Scuratov Architects» are proud to
present the new impressive EgoDom project -
a unique Premium Residential Complex located
close to Sokolniki Park, within walking distance
from Alekseevskaya metro station. Learn more.

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Flat in Moscow

«EGOEURO Group» company present the new project called «EGODOM». It is a premium class Residential Complex projected by «Sergey Skuratov architects» architectural studio.

The cost of elite flats is currently at a low level, so that investment, according to experts, seems to be quite reasonable. Low prices are understandable from the point rules of the construction business - the more closer to the completion of construction, the more higher prices are.

«EgoDom» is a profitable project under construction process

It's time to talk about what «EgoDom» is and why this project is an exclusive one. It is situated near Alekseevskaya metro station, not far from Sokolniki park and VDNKH. Favorable ecological conditions, developed infrastructure, parking, sports and playgrounds, high security level, spacious flats are the advantages that make the «EgoDom» project a premium real estate item.