• German brick got
    our name

    For our project we ordered an exclusive clicker brick, which
    was specially developed in Germany for us.
    The brick is called EGODOM.

    It has totally unique aesthetics: heterogeneity of texture and
    colour. There are no chemical additives or colourants. The
    brick is made of natural clay. At the same time it has low
    water absorption and high frost-resistance.

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  • Field leaders

    We use eco-friendly aluminum window construction
    with increased energy efficiency from leading
    international companies. Our supplier is the
    leader in this field: Schuco Germany.

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  • International

    Each element of our project meets high international standards:
    from Quick-mix (a special solvent for brickwork) to Stratobel
    Energy N 66.2 (sun-protective multilayer windows on the facade).

    We can tell you everything in details about elevators, pipes,
    ventilation and each object in the building. We would be
    happy to answer Your questions.

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